Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My work is a little crazy. Crazy people who bring their crazy kids and crazy dogs to work with them.
Anyway I am a bit spacey and having trouble staying focused on my work today anyway.
And then there was just an overly dramatic dog fight, and the dogs were crying and people were yelling and trying to tear them apart and now person A is mad at person B becuase their dog A hurt dog B but person A thinks that dog A is innocent and dog B was the one that attacked. And person C is all upset becuase what if dog A or B goes after children C when they are here...
And I think that the whole issue could be resolved quite easily.
Leave your kids and dogs at home. This is an office. None of them have any place here. Let's get back to work.


ztoamom said...

Why in the world would people bring (non-service, of course)animals to any office other than a veterinarian's office? I can not think of a. single. reason. ever. EVER.

Ulga said...

Tips for Teens: when dogs are fighting, to separate them, pull on their hind legs or tails. I know. I have a violent dog.