Thursday, March 31, 2011

Marriage Control

You know how parents will jokingly offer to loan out their children to childless couples as an effective form of birth control? I would be willing to offer similar services with my husband to unmarried couples. I will happily turn him over to you for the month and you can get a taste of what it's like to be married. Someone else can make all his meals only to have him whine and turn up his nose (and sometimes throw your food in the trash), someone else can clean up after him (dishes, laundry, and good luck introducing him to a trashcan), you also get to experience trying to sleep becuase you have to work in the morning while he is running around the house until 2 or 3 AM with lights on, AND you'll get the added bonus of dealing with his financial trainwrecks (and maybe not get to pay rent that month because he screwed up-- but promises it will never happen again! :) yay.)
It really seems like it would be a win-win. Unmarried couple gets to make an informed decision about what marriage is really like and if they want to go through with it after all-- and I get break from, well, all the lovliness listed above. I think this could be a very effective system.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Couple Creepers

Well, we have officially become that couple.
Newly and happily married but severely lacking in the 'couple friends' area? All of our friends are either single or have a kid or two in tow. And it's not that we are anti-kid, kids just make things more difficult. (I mean-- not your kid. Your kid is of course perfect and angelic and never difficult, just other people's kids. That's what I meant. Your kid is fine, I'm sure.) Soooo... we are kinda in need of couples to socialize with.
Because we acknowledge the importance and benefits of social interaction with our peers. And (lets not lie when it's just us) sometimes we get sick of hanging out with just each other all the time.
So we are constantly on the lookout for new couples we could be friends with. I wouldn't go so far as to say we have been 'shopping' for couples... but I won't deny that once or twice I have struck up a conversation with attractive strangers just to see if they might me a good 'fit' for us. I also may have been so overzealous about meeting new neighbors that our current neighbor is terrified to make eye contact.
I know.
This Sunday we attended a church and met some new people. I don't even have to tell you that my eyes were sparkling at this golden opportunity to find new couples we could befriend. Z was pumped up too. We discussed previously how important this could be. We were on our A game. I wore my power heels and Z even shaved. We're a happy, attractive young couple on a mission.
And... while it's too soon to tell for sure how successful we were, we feel optimistic and spent the afternoon discussing the prospects and trying to decide how we could woo them into a mutually beneficial 'couple friendship'. And before you think that we are complete creepers forcing our unwelcome advances on unsuspecting nice people... let me inform you that we did have at least one couple approach us. Yup thats right.
But don't you see? In all our enthusiasm for friendship-- not at all an indecent pursuit-- we have become that couple. We are couple creepers. And we don't actually MEAN to be creepers about it. We just really want friends. And maybe occasionally we get a little intense about it-- but I swear we are actually really nice, decent people. I mean, Z does talk about FedEx and dogs too often, and I can be a bit of an overzealous foodie... but for the most part we are really actually mostly normal and not at all creepy once you get to know us.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Puppy Rescue and Soapbox

I have this problem.
When i am driving in my car and I see a dog running around with an owner no where to be found... I have to stop. I can't keep driving down the road and hope the puppy finds it's way home because my over active imagination tells me next time I drive down that road I will see splattered puppy on that road... and I am just definitely not okay with that on my conscience.
Which is why I have spent countless lunch hours chasing after dogs, making awkward phonecalls and returning dogs safely to their family. Miraculously, every time the dog's owner has been home. I have a 100% success rate! Yay.

Today's rescue was fairly uneventful. A fluffy white thing darted in front of my car on a residential street when I was on my way home for lunch. And then he turned around and came trotting over to my car to have a closer look... So I stopped the car, put it in park and open my door to get out... and the fluffy white thing invited himself into my car and hopped right up on my lap like i was his best friend and we do this on a daily basis.
Well, hello. Don't you know about stranger danger?
Anywho, checked the collar and SKITTLES' tag has a number, and I call and take SKITTLES about 4 houses down to his home. I am glad he is safe with his family.

This was nothing like the last time I did a lunchtime rescue...
I saw a red and white cavy running down the middle of a busy road... and so I pull over, hop out, and try to get her, before she gets hurt. She sees me coming for her... and Oh boy! It's a game! So I am chasing a dog I don't know down the middle of a busy street and cars are stopping and honking at me in frustration.
Ah, the glamorous world of pet rescue.
Anyway... she finally came wiggling over to me and I scooped her up and got the number off her collar, and called her 'mom' who was overjoyed that someone had returned their baby. She offered me money as a reward. I laughed and refused, and she was shocked. I just said-- You would do the same for me if you found my dog out, right? And she agreed she would.
Anyway... There is an important moral to this story and here it is:
Keep collars and tags with current information on your pets at all times. You don't know when or how your pet might slip out, and if there are no tags there is little chance of them finding their way safely home. On the occasion that I find a pet without tags... I have to call animal control. Best case scenario-- you are charged a fine to retrieve your pet from animal control. Worst-- your pet is injured or killed, or you just don't find it before animal control turns it over to a shelter.
I don't care if your pet is micro-chipped. I don't have a micro-chip scanner. I have to turn your dog over to animal control. I don't care if your pet is a diva and the collar matts her silky hair. Keep a collar and tags on her. PLEASE. It really is for their safety.
And also, if you have a pet that you love, or even if you don't--
Be the kind of person that will stop and make sure someone's pet is safely returned to their family before driving away. I mean, don't you hope someone would do it for you?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I sometimes get really bored at work. I am here mostly alone quite a bit in the afternoons, and I find myself doing weird stuff....
Like today when I may or may not have pretended to be an airplane (arms spread and sound affects) as I was running down the stairs to my office.
I got to the bottom of the steps and thought to myself-- where the heck did THAT come from?!?! I adjusted my sweater and walked calmly to my desk.
Holy crap, I'm bored.

Our Break

We have this problem.
We have more money going out than we have coming in. And while we can manage that in emergency situations for a month or two... It's not a good way to sustain a family for an indefinite period of time.
My dad is somewhat of a financial counselor... and if he had a catch phrase, it would be this, "If you find you do not have enough money you have two choices: You need to either make more, or spend less." Pretty simple concept. So we went through our budget and slashed all the 'extras' in an attempt to spend less, and when we got to the things we could not or were not willing to slash (rent/utilities/tithe/food/student loans) we decided we needed to go the other route and make more.
Zachary has been looking for a second job since January, with absolutley no success. I have started looking for a second job as well, but I am nervous about taking on a second job myself and what that might mean for the future of our family (basically I desire to preserve the limited time we actually have together on weekends). But we have both been searching... to no avail.
Ideally it would be wonderful if Z could pick up a full time job at his current employer, but thats a waiting game because it could be tomorrow or 4 years from now before something opens up. SO FRUSTRATING! and two and a half months of searching for work and nothing... devastating and discouraging.

So Z called me on his way home from work last night. I was hanging out at 'girls night' and so I was like-- eh, i'll talk to you when i get home and he says-- I have something to tell you. A full time position was posted at my station today.
He put in a bid for the job and it will be probably several weeks before we hear something... but if he did get this job it would (obviously) be more hours, and also more pay. It would be a challenging position for him with an inconsistant schedule, but even still would allow us more time together. It would be an answer to prayer, and it would be (and I know ya'll mock me for my over-use of this phrase, but it is used quite literally here) life changing.
My heart was pounding in my chest. We have been praying and praying, and fretting, and searching for an answer to our situation-- and felt like there was nothing-- no hope. I have asked Z on many occasions, "Why is this so hard? Why are things so complicated for us? We are good people, and smart people-- why can't we get a break?" And I know that you don't get everything you want on a silver platter just because you are a 'good person'. But does anyone else feel like all the bums and slackers get the lucky breaks in this world? Why can't good people catch a break?
I told Z last night-- maybe this is our break. I don't want to be so hopeful becuase a lot of things have to come in line before this could happen. But maybe this whole ordeal we've been struggling with has not been just a coincidence. And maybe our prayers have been heard and our God (who admittedly is a much better planner and arranger than control freak ME) is just starting to show us the corner of the unfolding plan he has for our life. Maybe he does have a 'break' for us.
Not just because we are mostly good people... but because he loves us even when we are not.
I think the title of this post should probably be "Hope" because I am just tasting hope for the first time in such a long while. Whatever the outcome of this current situation I am feeling good about our future. Good things are happening in our life. God things. Good God things.
And now I am rambling.

Friday, March 11, 2011


So I haven't blogged in a couple weeks. I keep thinking I should, and then I think that I don't have anything of significance to say (or of even less significance than normal... ha!) so I just don't. Because why waste you time, right?
I gotta be honest my life is a little ho-hum right now. So I will tell you about not so ho-hum things happening in the lives of people I know.
My best friend of 25.5 yrs had a baby girl on Monday. Her first. It's weird. She's a mom now, which means she's old. Her child has squishy fat cheeks, which I love. I prefer fat babies. Rubber band wrists are my favorite. You know what I am talking about? When the arm and hands are so pudgy there is just a crease where the wrist should be-- kinda like if you had put a rubber band around it? I love that. However, it's only endearing until you are about 3.
My parents and my boss are in Israel (not together) this week. Random that they would be taking the same trip at the same time but not together. Anyway, my Dad called me from Tel Aviv this morning to tell me they got there safely. I think he did that because even though I am 25 yrs old and don't live with them, they always expect me to call them to tell them when i have arrived somewhere like I did when I was in HS. They are very frustrated that i don't instinctually do this. So anyway, he called me to tell me they were in Tel Aviv and made it there safely. Um, okay, thanks.
My BF who lives in IL lost her job last week. Not good news, I know. But I am trying to convince her of all the job opportunities here is exciting Kansas City! She's not buying it, but it was worth a try. If I could convince her to live closer to me that would be fantastic as I need more childless friends. (why do so many people have kids?!?! it's weird.)
Also, this same friend has recently gone gluten free, and apparently it's been a life-changing experience for her-- in many ways. And she has not convinced me to go gluten free yet (could you imagine me GF? And Z? He might just perish), but it has pushed me to look at some healthier food options. Or at least think about the things I am cramming in my face...
And not to make light of a natural disaster, because I am certain the disaster in Japan is on everyone's mind right now, but I did just have a co-worker come in and report to me (in complete seriousness) what people don't understand about this disaster is that Japan is an island, and there wasn't really a tsunami, what really happened was '...the whole island of Japan sunk." Um, okay. I think some of that information may possibly be flawed, and given the sensationalist quality of it i wondered if he had heard it from Katie Horner. heh.
Even if the island did not sink to the bottom of the ocean as my uninformed co-worker suggested, the devastation in Japan is real and lives have been lost, which is a true tragedy. It makes me think of how fleeting and chaotic life can be. We are not guaranteed tomorrow-- or our next breath.
On Ash Wednesday, just a couple days ago, Z and I were talking about that... and how so many things in this life are fleeting and not worth the energy we put in them, they do not last. Instead we are using this Lenten season to turn our thoughts and energy toward things that do matter, things that are eternal.
Regardless, I pray daily for the safety and well being of my family and friends. And today I am also praying for all the people affected by this tragedy.