Monday, June 6, 2011

Put it in the Baby Book.

My husband has this problem.
I hear it's common in males. Particularly married ones.
He says stupid stuff a lot. He doesn't think about what he is saying, he just blurts out the first thing that comes to mind.

I have this problem.
I hear it's common in females. Particularly pregnant ones.
I am over sensitive to comments made by my husband, particularly about my appearance, or changing (growing) shape or any related topics including but not limited to eating habits, clothing, etc.

Last night we were finishing up dinner. I had just consumed an impressive amount of bread, salad, red meat, shellfish, potato, and steamed veggies. Everyone else at the table had been done for quite some time... I was still going to town. The server came by to take my plate and I told him I wasn't done. Everyone was getting anxious to leave because there was a promise of a trip to the sno-cone place on the way home. I finally gave up on the last remnants of potato skins left on my plate and I was done eating. Everyone had been giggling about the amount of food I had consumed, and my husband was watching me incredulously the whole time I ate. When I finally put down my fork he laughed and said:
"Man, did you leave enough room for that thing down there?" indicating my belly as he said so.
I KNOW he did not just mock his pregnant wife for eating, AND simultaneously refer to his child as 'That thing down there.' I was immediately furious.
He immediately tried to back track and say-- thats not what he meant-- he was asking if I had room for a snow cone (that thing) when we got back to gardner (down there). Not buying it.
He called his child 'that thing down there'. I am totally putting this in the baby book, and someday when our kid is in jr.high and high school and trying to decide which one of us they like better, I am SO pulling that book out and reminding them of thier father's feelings for them.

Also, --and this goes for males worldwide, not just my husband-- don't commment on a pregant woman's eating habits. Just don't do it. For any reason, really. It's probably not going to end well for you.
That is all.

(And, Yes. I had room for a sno cone. A large one. It was delicious.)


Ashley said...

Love the post! Men just don't get it sometimes. :)

ztoamom said...

You are going to be so glad for this diary of your pregnancy. Trust me. Keep it up - all the "dailyness" of it will be precious. Blogging it is a great way. Happy for you.

duff said...

i would've been tempted to stab him with my fork. ;~) i admire your self control...

Lizzie Joy Loveland said...

Alright honey. He didn't mean it!!!
Just breathe and try to understand that men often don't have as much of a filter as women do. And try to be gentle and not so reactive to him, it'll make life better- and it will inspire him not to make a dumb comment again, because he will be so amazed by your loving gentle response. :)

Derin Beechner (Durk Niblick) said...

Most excellent...