Monday, October 24, 2011


I'm pretty terrified of this Dr. appointment today. I am terrified I am going to get there, and step on that scale, and the numbers are going to blink back at me something... something higher than THAT number that I have been terrified of reaching.
And my husband will stare in horrified shock, and nurses will whisper behind their hands and the whole office will get quiet and stare at the whale of a pregnant woman who just broke the scale... and it will be awful.
I have been careful and considerate of the food I consume and my level of activity my entire pregnancy. I had a reasonable and healthy goal for the amount of weight I would gain... but the past couple weeks I've been packing on the pounds like it's my JOB. And, yes, I know, it's normal and healthy and you are SUPPOSED to gain when you are pregnant... but there is this number that I never wanted to see... and I am tipping dangerously close to it...
And terrified I will see it today.
And the world might end.

In other less dramatic news... Z is playing video games and named one of his players after our kid. Awww. My Mom is totally going to try to break into his video games now and try to figure out the name.
Hint: It's not Floyd.


Fruit Fly said...

You're so silly! You won't weigh too much. With that said, if I were in your shoes I'd feel the exact same way!

ztoamom said...

When I gave birth the first time, I weighed 212. Yes, 212. Four weeks later, I had lost 62 pounds. Which is a good weight for a person 5'10"... just nursing and losing all the fluid and stuff... and I did it again round two, gaining 62 pounds with baby #2. Quit worrying. Eat what your body is crying for and nurse it off - you'll be just fine. It's just a number.