Thursday, February 2, 2012

Playing catch up...

Hmmm... I've been gone a while. Lets catch you up to speed...

I got really exceptionally fat.

We had a baby. His name is Sam. He's incredible.
(You can read about his birth here.)

Then it was Christmas and there was a lot of family and celebrating.

After recovering from the holidays, we took a road trip to St.Louis and IA to meet family and friends.

Our baby boy is already 6 weeks old!
And starting to charm us with his heart-melting smiles.
(Read about Sam at one month here)

People keep asking us if we are sleeping...
...the answer is not much. But we are hoping that gets better.

Are you wondering how the original boys are dealing?
They still get lots of love and special treats.
Charlie especially seems to be fond of the baby, and steals a spot on the couch near whoever is holding him whenever he can.
Winston is especially fond of diapers. But enough about that...

We are just taking life one day at a time.
 Our precious baby boy is learning and growing and keeping us on our toes. 
Being a new parent is no joke, but we are figuring it out and easing our way into it.

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ztoamom said...

So happy for you little mama. He is indeed beautiful and I enjoyed the whole story on the other blog - it was fun waiting for the installments. The sleep will get better. You look great. He is beautiful - did I say that? Hahaha - the word verification is "rejoya". So rejoya in this time of infancy, hard as it is. And vent when you need to. Perfectly normal.