Friday, April 27, 2012

A random list of stuff about me:

(because it's been a while since we've done this and you are dying for random little nuggets of Valerie-ness in your day-- aren't you?)

1. I prefer to drink milk from a nice heavy coffee mug.

2. I kinda love it when my dog curls himself around my feet when I am laying on the couch.

3. I can't grow indoor plants. Outdoor plants (flowers, herb, and vegetable gardens) thrive for me. Indoor they shrivel at a mere glance from me.

4. I am not overwhelmingly fond of Red Velvet. I know it's a trendy cake/cupcake/cookie/icecream/anythingtheycanpossiblycomeupwithtostickitin flavor right now... but most of the time it tastes like bland-ish chocolate and food coloring. I mean, it's OKAY... But I would totally choose white, lemon, strawberry, german chocolate, and regular chocolate (in that order) and possibly variations on those flavors, before red velvet. If my choice is red velvet cupcake or no cupcake... I'd definitely take the  red velvet cupcake, but that's more about my stance on cupcakes than my feelings toward red velvet.

5. I spend a lot of time searching for recipes I know I will never try to make or feed to my family because my husband would refuse to even try it, and I would cry. Z and I have been in more arguments over food and eating habits than anything else in our marriage.

6. Sometimes I look at my son and go, oh crap, I'm a parent. I hope he turns out okay.

7. Papers, receipts, bills, and mail cover my kitchen table on a regular basis. I hate this. I cannot seem to prevent it, or come up with a workable system of managing it. Thoughts?

8. I lost 9 months of baby weight in 9 weeks! Yay! The problem now is a completely new distribution of the pre-baby weight. Oi.

9. I have an hyper-sensitive nose. Which most of the time is just super annoying.

10. My Grandmother passed away Jan. 2010. I think about her daily. I miss her so much. I cry regularly over the pain of that loss. I don't know if that will ever lesson.

11. I like to take pictures of food. Not in a-- I am a food photographer kind of way. But in a-- lets order a dessert to see if it's pretty... It is! Let's take a picture! Kind of way. A lot of times I text pics of food to my former roommate. I think she appreciates pretty food. (I think?!?!) My dad does this too, only one time contact numbers got crossed in his phone and the thought he was texting pictures of desserts to my sister and for weeks they were going to a nice, but thoroughly confused lady at his church. That story always makes me laugh. I think I would be excited to receive random food texts from acquaintances.

12. My favorite picture this month:
Sam finds surprises in his Easter basket!


Lisa said...

love the honesty of your blog. just started "following". come visit me at

Jasmin Izumikawa said...

hehe that was fun to read :)