Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Out of Shape and a Deal breaker

I generally consider to be in decent shape. I mean, I'm not an elite athlete by any means, but I run semi-regularly. We get out and do active stuff. I can run a mile and hold a conversation without dying. I mean, that's an acceptable level of  'in-shape' right?
But there is one thing, more than any other athletic feat, that gets me every time. It is monstrous both in it's everyday simplicity and the sheer amount of physical stamina it requires. Nothing else can get my heart pumping, panting for breath, and sweat pouring in such a short amount of time. Do you know with this immensely physically demanding task is?
Carrying laundry baskets up the stairs.
No I am serious.
There are two big flights of stairs between my laundry machines and my closets. Nothing makes me doubt my level of physical fitness more than carry full baskets of laundry up and down those stairs.
Seriously. It is my least favorite and most labor intensive household task. And the reason why I have decided when we buy a house, the location of the laundry room is a DEAL BREAKER.
Idealy, I would love a ranch style, so I don't have to haul anything up and down stairs... but if there are stairs I insist that the laundry facilities are on the same floor as the bedrooms. I am not even kidding.
It's a non-negotiable for me at this point.

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