Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm Not Snoopy

The other day while hanging out with my best girlfriends, we were discussing our significant others when one of the girls admitted to be a 'snooper'. "I totally go through all his stuff when he's not around. I go through his phone and email too. He knows he can't hide anything from me, I will totally find it." The others jumped right in and claimed that they too regularly search their husbands/boyfriends' phone/email/belongings and that they know theirs are regularly searched as well. I hadn't joined the conversation. Crickets were chirping as the conversation turned to me, and I had nothing to add. "I don't snoop." What? Everyone snoops... how do you know you can trust them...?
Here are two things I learned about snooping from past relationships: 1) Snooping only uncovers things I would rather be blissfully unaware of and 2) I don't want people to snoop through my business, so I should probably extend them the same courtesy.
Upon further self-examination on point #2 above, I decided it's not the snooping itself that I mind, because I really have nothing to hide. I would be pretty upset to learn someone thought they had a reason to snoop through my business. It's the dishonest/lack of trust thing about it all that bothers me. I would not want to insert that into an otherwise healthy relationship by snooping... so I decided I just wouldn't ever again.
So there you go-- that's why I'm not Snoopy.

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