Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Music teacher

Annie called me a music teacher tonight. And it made me really happy. I miss music. I miss singing a lot. My mom laughed at me when I proclaimed my favorite song from the show was "Hymn for a Sunday Evening" She said, "The only reason you like it is because it has the most harmony of any song in the show." SO? I miss harmony... nice, thick, choral harmonies... or, even better... choral polyphony! A once a year sing through of the Messiah cannot fill that void. I miss serious music. And I miss being around serious music people... I am rapidly losing skills that I have no need for in my current occupation: I couldn't play the piano to save my life anymore-- probably couldn't make it through warm-ups, I remember little more about proper voice leading than no paralell 5ths, and my vocal technique these days is in the toilet. I want to sing for real again.
I am supposed to remember al this stuff. I was supposed to put that degree to use. I was supposed to be a music teacher. I was supposed to marry a man with a beautiful tenor voice so we could sing together and have little singing babies and it would be perfect and wonderful and musical... whatever happened to that plan?
Why do I work for a plumber and only sing along with the radio in the car?

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thepianist86 said...

we could be a team. i work retail part time...i remember that parallel fifths are bad and that the seventh resolves up, and the fourth down. umm...yeah.