Friday, October 15, 2010

100 DC Update #5

Again, I have let two weeks pass in between my updates. Meh.
1) It is getting harder and harder to stick to our workouts. Motivation is waning, as is sleep and they just fuel the monster inside of me screaming that working out is SO not worth it. We work out around 10:00 every night, and maybe that would be fine for some of you, but for me it's a no go. Because it means I don't get to sleep until 12:00. My husband agreed to start doing our workouts on our own, so we wouldn't have to do it so late... but he doesn't get his done during his time home during the day very often because he is doing homework... so then the few precious hours we actually have together... he has to work out, while i do something else. Not worth it. SO frustrating.
On the other hand, we are starting to see some results. Z has to wear a belt now, and his arms are so pretty. :) I think I may be losing weight as well, though I am not sure if it is from working out or the stress of never sleeping and trying to get through my life. sigh.
This is... seemingly unrelated, but working out is the main thing that drives me up the wall and forces me daily to wonder if ALL newly weds have this much trouble balancing life/work/time together or if we are just abnormal. Every time I have a breakdown Z tries to re-assure me that we are normal and I am expecting too much/being too hard on myself... but then all our newly wed friends (or even not-so-newly wed friends) seem to have plenty of time together and I don't see any of them having breakdowns??? Or complaining about lack of sleep??? Where did I miss the 'Time Management for Wives 101' sign up sheet??? UGH.
2) I've been learning and trying a lot of new things the past two weeks, here are some of the highlights:
Tried making hamburger helper for a meal to give myself a break: Catastrophic results. As it turns out, apparently I am not skilled enough to make crappy food.
Made cinnamon rolls and bread from scratch for the first time all by myself: excellent results.
Made myself a sweater. Learning some new sewing techniques so I can sew some clothes for Christmas gifts.
Tried a new restaurant: Spin! Yummy-ness. Want to go back without my husband and get something with goat cheese and/or veggies on it though.
3) Dishes still gross me out. We did a great kitchen clean on sat, and I did a good job keeping it clean of dishes all week after that. (the fabric, scissors, paint, etc. all over the kitchen table are a different story...)
4) Recycled costumes: Went to the good will, and pulled discarded pieces from our wardrobe to create Halloween costumes for us. Pretty excited about the results. I will post them at a later date...


FruitFly said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the costumes you're creating!

thepianist86 said...

i think the reason other newlyweds don't have breakdowns is that you aren't there for them. =) life change is stressful. love you!!