Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No, really, it's seriously just my allergies.

Soooooo... being sick at work is funny. Especially at my work, people get all bent out of shape and weird about you being sick. Like... how dare you come into work and infect all of us (which is valid) but also if you try to stay home sick, what do you mean you aren't coming in today? You can't take a day off! You aren't that sick, get your butt into work!
So you can't win.
But whats really fun is about this time of year, when my allergies go NUTS. And I show up at work coughing, sneezing, blowing my nose, and talking in that nasal voice because my head is stuffed up tighter than an emo kid's pants. I'm popping Claritin and Zyrtec like it's my job, but no relief. AND of course this summer just keeps trying to hang on and hang on and hang on, and we are to the end of October with temps in the 80's with no hope of that first freeze that will finally FINALLY bring relief and assuage my sinuses with it's allergen-killing frosty-goodness.
But until that day...
I'm still at work.
"You have a cold?"
Nope, not a cold, just my allergies. Not infectious. Thanks.
"Wow, you've had that cold for a really long time."
No, no cold. Allergies.
"Are you taking something for that cold you have?"
Allergies, I have allergies...
"Please don't touch my pen, I don't want your cold."
It's just allergies, I promise!!!!
If it would just freeze already, to prove me right, that'd be great. But it won't. So I've got this 'cold' that I've had for about two months now... and everyone is convinced I am seconds from infecting them with it... and I should go home and get better, but not take any time off work. I am forced to be the office recluse... which is not altogether horrible... but you know a little annoying, because, SERIOUSLY guys, It's just my allergies.

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FruitFly said...

Oh gosh - I hope your cold goes away soon. Please be careful not to infect the entire workplace! ;)


I totally get what you mean though - it is a lose-lose situation. You're chastised for coming to work, or you're chastised for staying home.

Hurry up allergies, go away!!