Tuesday, July 17, 2012


My troubles started when I married a runner.
This was troubleome becuase I am not a runner.
My husband is naturally athletic and motivated.
I am none of these things.
But I am a great follower. And if the majority tells me running is cool, then I am bound to try it.
Okay, maybe it was not quite that simple to sway me... but with some encouragement from My husband, my Dad (who has recently really gotten into road races) and some great running friends...
I got myself a pair of shoes, a jogging stroller, and a goal.
Making myself do this has been a difficult journey. I am not the kind of person who naturally enjoys activity. I am much more comfortable in my kitchen, or sitting at my sewing table than I am at a sporting event or running around the track... But I've been doing the bare minimums to maintain weight and health for long enough, and the bare minimums aren't cutting it anymore.
So... I'm running.
I'm running, and no one is chasing me.
And that's likely a good thing because I run quite slowly.
But I'm running and thats a start.
I hesitate to put this out there... because I have a goal that I hope to accomplish that I might not accomplish. And making your goals public makes them all official and whatnot. I said to Z last night-- what if I can't do it? What if I get halfway through my training plan and find out I am not a long distance runner? That I don't have the body, the determination, the self-dicipline to continue?
He said, Then you made it that far, and it's farther than you are now, and farther than all the people sitting on the couch.
Yes, but won't you be disappointed in me?
Nope, I'll be happy that you gave it a try.
Really? You won't judge me for being a quitter?
Nope, I know you'll do your best.
Dang it. The "I know you'll do your best" speech means I can't really quit, huh? Because quitting isn't my best, and he knows that and I know that. Sigh.
So I'm running. And I'm TRAINING. Doesn't that make me sound official? And I have a goal.
I am training to run a Half Marathon with a 2:35 pace group on October 20, 2012.
So there it is.
Now I've gone public, and you know, and I know and we can all judge me if I don't make it.
Or we can all be kind like my husband and believe I will do my best and not be disappointed if my best is not the same as my goal and that's okay, right?
Lets go for option 2.
Soooo... if you need me, you are likely to find Sam and I running in circles around the park because we *want* to. Go team.


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