Thursday, May 7, 2009

My smile is mine!

You are most likely aware I have always been a slave to my own vanity, but about two years ago it manifested itself in a particularly grotesque form of torture and disfigurement widely referred to as orthodontia. It's been painful and heartbreaking-- but I've made it through the tears and ridiculous amounts of drool (ew, right?) and I am now in the home stretch of my orthodontic treatment... a mere weeks from my liberation! And as fantastic as that day will be-- it pales in comparison to this day. This day, I received a letter from my orthodontist thanking me for my final payment-- thus completing the financial arrangements I made with them about 18 months ago. You may or may not be aware that orthodontics is rarely a cheap endeavor, and my case was no exception to this rule. Thus I have been making payments for the past year and a half to pay for the straightening of my smile. But as of today I officially own all of my teeth (and all of the spaces between those teeth) again. I have made my last payment. I no longer have any debt in my mouth. And it feels good. And... well... it looks pretty darn good too. :)

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