Wednesday, May 20, 2009

UPS Creeper Update

(Some of you may not know the full background of the creeper. The creeper story starts here on my old blog. Just don't get too cozy there-- thats not where we hang out anymore, right? Right.)

So the UPS creeper took things to a whole new level today. I am actually curious to know if he is ALLOWED to do what he did today, so I was hoping all those UPS and FedEx friends who secretly read my blog (come on, who are you kidding?) might be interested to fill me in... I returned to work from my lunch break at the same time the UPS truck was pulling into the parking lot. Another day... another awkward moment with the creeper. He hands me a package and said, I thought you might want this right away, so I brought it to your work since you aren't home during the day. Um, Okay Creeper. Why would I want my personal packages delivered to work? If I wanted it at work don't you think I would have shipped it to work? Why did he feel it was appropriate to make that decision for me? He doesn't deliver things for my roommate at work. And... I'm still just a little concerned that he knows when I am at work, when I will be home, when I take my lunch break, etc. That seems like he is going a little bit above and beyond good customer rapport-- and not in a good way.
(shivers) ooh... creeper.


Derin Beechner (Durk Niblick) said...

OK...seriously...if this guy was 18 and cute would he still be a creeper? Or is it because he is old and ugly?? (Take the married/single out of it for a sec).

I ask because sometimes I think I am the creepy guy! Now I'm not hitting on little girls! But I might HARMLESSLY flirt here or there!

Yeah, I'm the creepy guy...

Joe said...