Thursday, May 28, 2009

Say what?

Have you ever been singing along to a favorite song and all of a sudden people around you are snickering and what? What are they all laughing about? And as it turns out you have been singing completely incorrect lyrics to a song for years and never even knew it! This happens to me DAILY. I actually recently discovered there is an actual term for this: MONDEGREEN. A mondegreen is the official word to describe misheard phrases or lyrics.
I am pretty sure this is a trait i must have inherited from my father as he is also famous for mishearing or changing the lyrics to songs... some of our favorites include: "I am a friend of dog, he calls me Fred!" and, "...I can see all the popsicles in my way!"
I sang sang the following incorrect lyrics with Joylia for years: "...I wouldn't dance with her mother" and "In the naaaaaame of love, one night in the name of love!"
For the longest time I was certain the Beatles were saying "I want a beer, ain't that right, yeah?" I had no idea what the rest of that song was about... but it seemed racy and inappropriate so innocent child that I was decided not to listen to the beer song, and always wondered why it was called paperback writer. And I shall never live down belting out: "...Some other worse guy, or the wife of a postman, wife of a postman!"
The other night at rehearsal I was having issues with my native language and couldn't quite get out a correct phrase, but the people around me got to hear me sing about " boy to quack with." And it was just all down hill from there.
So there you go, next time you find your face flushing from embarrassment over the wrong words you have been singing for years... you can share with your friend that you are not stupid, you are simply the victim of a mondegreen. (either that, or you can tell them about the stupid things I admitted to singing... either way, you look better.)

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