Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding

My best friend of 24 years got engaged this weekend. She told me the same way I told her... with a texted picture of a ring, and then wait for the screaming phone call. (Yes, girls scream when their friends get engaged. It's our thing.) Anyway, she told me the story and I told her i was so happy for her and then she told me they had set a date... June 5th, which just so happens to be 2 wks after my wedding.
To be very honest, I wasn't immediately thrilled about this information. I was a little irked. The mere two weeks she scheduled in between our date felt a little like she was stepping on wedding toes. My fears were confirmed when *B called because she had heard the news and she said... "Sooo... everyone is going to be talking about her wedding during your wedding?" Guess that makes yours the warm-up event. UUUUUUGH. No little girl dreams of someday having the wedding that will precede her friend's better wedding the next week... no no no, we dream of our day totally in the spotlight in which each and every person there views this day, and this wedding ONLY as the event of the year. And two weeks seemed like too little time to pull off two 'events of the year' especially since there will be considerable overlap in the guest list.
And so I spent approx 16 hours wallowing in my self pity and irked-ness when I remembered this picture that I found just a few days ago of bestie brides:
As it turns out, we are in a very unique position. We have been friends since birth. Literally. We have grown up together, played 'wedding' together, and lived together. We went to school at the same time, we graduated at the same time, and now... we are getting married at the same time. All the significant events in my life have happened with my friend, and so why would our weddings be any different? Here I was thinking that my friend of 24 years was trying to steal my wedding thunder... when in reality, we are really just sharing-- no DOUBLING each others wedding thunder. haha Anyway, once I realized how petty I was being and how excited I truly was to share this thing with my best friend, I thought OMG we HAVE to optimize this circumstance and I IMMEDIATELY contacted my photographer and scheduled a post wedding bridal photoshoot for 2 brides. It shall be the Bridal Photoshoot of Hotness x2 and I can't even begin to explain how much I want a picture of the blondie, boppy twin brides cheesing it up in their poofy white dresses. LOVE IT. I am so happy and so excited for us! As I said to April last night while squealing and jumping up and down:

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