Monday, November 23, 2009


My fiance's favorite book of the bible is Jonah (...and right about now he would be stopping to correct me that Jonah is not his favorite book, it is his favorite old testament prophet. ) I hear about Jonah a lot. Which is cool, because there is much to be learned from the book of Jonah... But when he starts bringing out Jonah, just sit down because you have just lost the argument, and you are in for a dissertation length lesson.
Sooooo... it was a momentous event when, in the midst of a 'discussion' the other day... I got to play the Jonah card.
The context of the 'discussion' was something to the effect of:
Sometimes I don't necessarily feel as though you appreciate how smokin' hot your fiancee is... so once we get married the game is up and I am just going to let myself go, and you still have to love me.
To which his response was... Okay, I still love you, but i will probably be mad at you.
You can't be mad at me for being unattractive!
(and my favorite Zachary response ever:) The crap I can't!
(and here's where I got to play the Jonah card... can you see where this is going? We're going to use Jonah 4:5-11 ish)Let me see if I can explain this in a manner that you can wrap your brain around, Dear Zachary:
You, my friend, are being Jonah. When he was mad at the vine that shriveled up and died and he starts whining and saying, I want to die, and that's not fair you can't do that, and God says: The crap I can't! (paraphrase) Then God all puts him in his place by saying, I'm sorry... did you create that vine? Did you cultivate or care for it? No? You don't get to be mad that it is gone then.
And you can see the little wheels in his brain going double time formulating his rebuttal that I didn't let him interrupt with...
But I made him let me finish. I told him: Even though it is not necessarily in your nature to regularly notice or comment on the physical appearance of your loved one... it is something that you must work to be better at SO THAT you can 'care for' and 'cultivate' this beauty that you so desire. If you do not learn to care for it, you have NO RIGHT to be mad when it is gone.
And, YOU my friend have just been Jonahed!
AND I won with my Jonah card for the first time ever... because even if he didn't want me to be right, he KNEW I was. And even though we both knew I was pushing the boundaries of the Jonah story to fit my analogy, I STILL got my point across so he let me have it, because it is a rare occasion I actually win an argument-- er-- 'discussion' -- and I have never actually got to use Jonah against him before. (It was a big day for me.)
Plus we coined a new term for winning an argument by citing Jonah. So thats cool too.
We have the strangest relationship ever. haha


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