Friday, January 29, 2010

Epic Battle: Stomach vs. Snow

Soooo... it's snowing. And I love snow, but I hate driving in it. I get to go 'home' for lunch every day, i drive the 5 minutes accross town to my parents house, usually to eat leftovers and then back to work 20 mins later. Every day. Except... today. I am looking at the snow going, I hate driving when it's snowing, but lunch would be nice... but i hate driving when it's snowing... and my stomach starts to growl... and so now I am trying to decide what I hate more: Growling stomach or driving in the snow. Stomach or snow, stomach or snow?
Currently stomach is winning, (or losing, i'm not sure which way that goes)because it is nice and toasty warm in the office and I have yet to move from my desk...
But I am SUPER hungry.

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