Monday, May 17, 2010

Everythings going right!

In a week of craziness when it's easy to get stressed and focus on only the things that are going wrong, I have made a decision to focus on the things going right in order to more easily work through the things 'going wrong'. I thought I would start it off with a list of things going well at this point:

1. Weather: the weather channel is focasting 87 degrees with 0% chance of precipitation on my wedding day. Gary Lezak (Z's fav. weather man) concurs.
2. Safe Travel: So far, all traveling that has occured for the sake of my wedding has been without a hitch and all guests have arrived safely. Woot.
3. Bridezilla: I have yet to have a complete meltdown.
4. Music: My musicians are incredible and incredibly accommodating, even when I am fickle and change my mind.
5. Guests: What was originally a frustrating circumstance actually allowed us more room at our reception to invite some guests that had been 'missed'. I felt silly asking people at the last minute if they would like to come, but E* reminded me that sometimes 'Relationships come before Etiquette.' And we got an enthusiastic response from the recently invited. YEAH! :)
6. Alterations: I can't brag enough about my mom. She really is an incredibly talented woman. She did all the alterations, hemming, and bustling of my gown, made a flower girl dress from scratch, and is doing hemming and alterations on 4 bridesmaid dresses. I was worried that this would be too stressful for her... but she is a trooper. No, she is a ROCKSTAR. She's getting it all done, and everything looks FABULOUS.
7. Family: I had an incredibly fun non-wedding-related day with my fam on sunday. We all ran a 5K and had dinner together. It was great. I heart them.
8. House: Our house is slowly transitioning into... Our house. Z has painted the master bedroom 'California Avocado', a pretty mossy-green shade that matches our new comforter. We will be re-arranging some furniture in there and on our wedding day while we are off being photographed and married... a friend has offered to CLEAN OUR WHOLE HOUSE as a gift. Hallelujah and Amen! Best wedding gift ever. :)
9. People: People (friends, family, or even absolute strangers) are way super extra sugary sweet to you when you say these magic words "I'm getting married on Saturday!" You better believe I am milking that for all it's worth.
10. Z: No matter what else happens this week, I get the Grand Prize at the end of the week when I marry my Zachary. Weddings are fun, and I am super excited about the event on saturday, but I have to be honest, Saturday is nothing compared to my excitement over getting to share the rest of my life with Z. I am very blessed and thankful beyond words to get to marry such a kind, funny, strong, loving man on Saturday. The wedding will be great-- the marriage will be (and this is a very 'valerie' term) LIFE CHANGING.

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