Friday, May 21, 2010

Wedding Eve

Tomorrow everything changes. Tomorrow we get married... and everything will be different. I don't even know HOW different... I just know that it's about to get all kinds of different in my life. The wedding is all planned. We rehearsed, and are literally hours from everything being set in motion for the big day tomorrow. We went through the counseling. We've talked about and planned for everything under the sun. We've dreamed, and prayed, and waited... and it's finally here, and we will finally be married, and it will surely be wonderful... but life will definitely be different from here on out. Certainly not bad... but different.
I'm laying here in my bed at my parents house-- last night to sleep alone-- wondering if I will sleep at all tonight-- knowing everything will be different by tomorrow. I am not at all afraid of the future, and I am not mourning the change and inevitable loss of the way my life is now and has always been. I am feeling sentimental, and slightly wistful-- and savoring these last hours as Miss Valerie Lynn Sass.
Because tomorrow everything changes.

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