Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Perfect Day: Part I

It started with pancakes-- blueberry for me. Fresh out of the shower I was sitting on the back deck of my parents house in a cool cotton sundress eating blueberry pancakes with my best friends. Through the screen door into the kitchen I could see more friends eating, giggling, and getting hair and make-up professionally done. It was the very definition of 'girl time' and I was surrounded by the best 'girls' anyone could wish for-- My mom. my sister, my so-soon-to-be Mother-in-law, and my three best friends (Oh, and my 'Hair goddess' and 'Makeup Designer'!)

It seemed like I waited an eternity that morning to get in 'the chair' to have my hair fixed and makeup done... but once i got there, the day started moving at lightening speed. Soon the photographers arrived and I was getting dressed, daddy was helping me into the car... and I was seeing my Groom for the first time that day. Actually I saw the back of my groom first... and my goodness, even the back of his head was handsome.
Then we were taking pictures, and I was crawling over fences in my wedding gown, then elbow deep in the church's bathroom sink scrubbing the mud off my ivory silk shoes. I wanted my mom and I finally met her downstairs where I convinced her to stop flitting about and look at me for about 30 seconds while i pinned a corsage on her. And next thing I knew I was walking down the aisle toward Zachary, and what seemed like seconds and an eternity later, holding Zachary's hand, I turned to look right at a packed room of people and Donnie said "Mr. and Mrs. Pogemiller".

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