Thursday, July 15, 2010


Ever have the kind of week where everything just kind of falls apart? Everything you do and say seems to get messed up, mis-construed, or mis-communicated. Suddenly people are freaking out, angry, or chewing on you about something that is not your fault, or something that is definitely a mis-interpretation of your intentions...
So you are defeated, discouraged, and frustrated and retreat to the people and activities that usually help you rest, refuel, and re-energize... but you don't have your best to give to those activities or people so suddenly those things are not working out for you as well, and those people are frustrated at you for not being better at relationships, and you are frustrated for not being better at anything you do... and you feel completely and totally ineffective and therefore unnecessary...
And because all your defenses are down emotionally and spiritually, the physical world decides to go ahead and rub salt in your proverbial wounds with some kind of ridiculous, though not life threatening illness, such as a pounding, nausea-inducing headache, or a mouth full of canker sores that just make it uncomfortable to eat, drink, talk, kiss, sing, or think about doing any of the above mentioned tasks that may or may not be essential to your existence...
And all this just sucks you further into the spiraling vortex black-hole of a nasty yucky FUNK.
Ever have a week like that? Thats the week I am having.
To my knowledge... the only known cure for such a week is pancakes, but I havn't the time or energy to make my own de-funk-ing cakes right now. So I might just be screwed.

UPDATE: I tore a hole in one of my favorite shirts today. sigh.

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