Monday, November 29, 2010

Slow and Steady (race report)

Happy Thanksgiving! It is 6:00 AM and even though you have a house of out of town guests, and biggest meal of the year to produce for your in laws in just a few hours...
You've decided to start your day with 3.1 miles. Oh, and I do I need to remind you it's only 20 degrees outside? So, bundle up! Whats that? You don't really have winter running gear? What the crap were you thinking?!?!
Bundled in leggings, Z's ARMY sweatpants, a couple t-shirts, Z's Old Navy Fleece and Hawkeyes knit cap, and J's gloves... I headed out for the Thanksgiving Day 5K. I looked way super ultra classy... and I was warm. So there you go.
My Husband is a runner. He gets all competitive and has time goals and people he wants to beat. I usually have 1 goal, and that is to finish, and if I beat a PR, well, that's cool. Because guess what? I'm slow. But I'm cool with that, even if Z is not.
The course was on the Sprint Campus in Overland Park, and was basically an out and back that was uphill out... which you can figure out means 'back' is all downhill... ahhhhhhh... it's a beautiful thing. So ONE WOULD THINK that halfway through my second mile my pace would pick up a bit. You know, make up some time on those nice slopey downhills... and I totally thought I was, at the time. After the race I checked my splits.
Mile 1 - 12:04
Mile 2 - 12:06
(and I never saw the 3 mile marker... sooo... the last is 3.14 miles (it was a Pi run!)
Mile 3 + .14 - 14:18
Total 3.14 miles - 38:28
So those first two miles were obviously a nice consistent pace, yeah me! Slow but steady, thats how a Valerie runs. The last mile I was really cold, and obviously getting a little tired, so I slowed down a bit.
The last 5k I did my official time was 37:47. So I didn't beat my PR but, it was approximately 50 degrees colder out this time, so only adding about 45 seconds to my time I am not broken hearted about. I feel good about what I did.
I would not recommend running a 5k and then spending the next 4 hours of your life on your feet barefoot in the kitchen preparing the Biggest meal of the year... unless you want your legs to let you know about it. Should your days activities require you to be on your feet for extended periods of time... wear some supportive shoes for heaven's sake!
So that's my race report from Thanksgiving day! It was fun, I would do it again. I got a shirt with a turkey on it. I think Mr. and Mrs. P are going to make this a Thanksgiving tradition.
Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely!


Anonymous said...

Yay! You did more than I did on Thanksgiving thats for sure! :)

Levi and Danielle Plus Two said...

That's awesome! You must have been exhausted by the end of the day. How did the turkey carving go?

FruitFly said...

Fun! Fun! Fun!!

Congrats to that huge athletic feat of completing a 5K AND Thanksgiving - most of us can't even handle just the Thanksgiving part, let alone runnig a race beforehand. Go you!!