Thursday, November 4, 2010


They cut down the tree in front of our house, eliminating what little bit of shade and curb appeal we had going for us. It was really depressing to come home last night. The front of our house looks naked. And speaking of naked, I am feeling as though we need more than the sheer window treatments we currently have in on the window in our master bedroom... you know, now that we don't have a large leafy tree right in front of it. Sigh. I'm seriously bummed about the tree. You know whats stupid though? They left the stump. Really, tree cutters? You are just gonna leave a couple feet of tree sticking out of the ground as a painful reminder of what we lost? Well, Charlie is pleased, because he still has something to pee on. He loved that tree. Both of the boys did. They loved barking at the birds and squirrels that would sit in it right outside our bedroom window. Geez... I am totally disappointed and depressed about the loss of our tree... I could just... cry.
In other tree news, there is a giant one right on the other side of our fence in the back yard that I believe has a personal mission to dump absolutely as many leaves as it possibly can onto our 10x10 patio. And... we don't have a rake... soooo... It's piling up. the boys try to find ground to do their business and the are chest deep in leaves (given that's not too difficult because they are short dogs, but still...). It's kinda funny, in a we're bad parents and should really clear them a place but enjoy the entertainment of them digging out of a pile of leaves kind of way.
But regardless... I really love this time of year and all the pretty trees. I met my husband at the end of summer, and we dated and spent that fall getting to know each other. I can't help but think of how much I loved that fall each time the season has come around since then. Add some apple cider to the pretty colors and happy memories... and I'm sold.

Dear Fall,
You're the best! Never Change. (except your leaves, they can change colors. :)


ruby in UB said...

sorry, i form china, i want to ask you a question, why they cutted the tree without premitting

Valerie said...

We live in a townhome, with a Homeowners Association that does all the landscaping (so everybody's is the same)so technically, they don't have to ask our permission, they felt the damaged tree was a liability... so they took it down. It was still sad for us to lose our nice shady tree.

FruitFly said...

That sucks. I don't like when they just trim my tree because they think it is too close to the power line. I mean what kind of huge pine tree has a flat top?? Only mine!

I feel for your loss.
BUT I also see the total humor in the boys having to wade around in leaves. I'd probably leave them there, too, for the same exact reason!