Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Good Day.

I have this friend who is a Pollyanna. You know what a Pollyanna is, right? She is lovely, and happy and charming and a joy to be around. And she never has a bad day. Anytime there is a bad situation she can find the silver lining. Anytime there is negativity or awkwardness she can diffuse it quickly and easier than anyone I have ever met. She can (and does) befriend anyone. She loves people that most of us wouldn't give the time of day to. Her outlook on life and her commitment to being joyful in all situations are...
Challenging to be around.
I know, I just said she is a joy to be around. And I meant it. But every time I am with her I am challenged by her optimism. And I am jealous that every day she has is a good day.
I am the kind of person that can easily fall into gloom and doom mindset. Not that my life is really that terrible, but frustrating things happen, I am easily overwhelmed, and it's so much easier to give into the self-pity and despair than it is to... be a Pollyanna. Every time I am with my friend, I desire to be more like her. And I realize most days, it's a series of simple choices to make.
Work has been crazy stressful this week, and I have been extra tired, and not feeling 100%. On a normal week, this would be a great excuse for a 'bad day' and a little self pity. But I am tired of pitifully bad days... so I decided each morning this week that "Today is a good day". I literally said it out loud. (and to be honest I felt like a goober when I did) But... I think there is something powerful about vocalizing affirmations. Each time a stressful situation presented itself, I approached it as a challenge and literally visualized myself pouring energy (my energy apparently looks like sparkly red kool-aid) from a bucket labeled stress to a bucket labeled challenge. (again, I feel like a goober sharing this... but I just needed something visual/tangible to make a switch in my brain). So now that I am putting my energy toward completing a challenge rather than toward being stressed about it... I am much calmer and optimistic about the outcome.
Also, I am more productive. And a kinder, gentler, Valerie. I have more patience and understanding for the crazy people I work with and the crazy person I live with. :)
Since Monday I have had 3 really good days.
This morning I was really feeling drained. My body is sore and my nose is running and my stomach feels squeezy. I knew unexciting and tedious tasks awaited me at work. I was moping about as I got ready and ate breakfast this morning. Before I walked out the door, Z looked at me and said, "Today is going to be another good day!"
Ahh... I had almost forgotten. Today IS going to be a good day. And I have nearly tackled half of it with good decisions and I am feeling a little better and a little energized. Which is awesome, because I have a date with my Hubs tonight as the shiny red cherry on top of the good day I am having at work.
See I am on my way to some Pollyanna-ness myself.


The.Blogger said...

It always feel better when things are going just how you'd like them. If only that could happen 100% of the time...

Derin Beechner (Durk Niblick) said...

Really great post!

thepianist86 said...

good thing you aren't going to become challenging to be around. ever. =)

Drea said...

I have just started blogging and came upon ur blog. Love your attitude. It is going to be A GREAT DAY!