Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Tidbits...

...becuase I'm too lazy to compose an entire cohesive thought today.

My hair is kinda big today.
Kinda was being nice.
My hair is big and frizzy and puffy today.
Since when does MY hair frizz or puff?
I am baffled.
Looking through a friend's newborn pictures I decided that newborns are not particularly attractive beings. They are all purple and wrinkly. They look like California Raisins! And they are usually screaming. I have been told, when they child is your own you feel differently about it-- but i'm not sure. I tend to call 'em like I see 'em. If it comes out wrinkly and purple and screaming I will just make my peace with having a California Raisin -- and encourage it to grow out of that stage quickly -- for it's own benefit, of course.  My children will be scarred from an early age. I probably shouldn't pro-create.
A friend pointed out to me the pleasure of listening to the sleety-ice stuff crunch under your shoes as you are forced to walk through it. I do enjoy things that go crunch. Good call.
I went for a run yesterday. It was actually a lovely experience. It felt good. Though I am a tad embarrassed to admit it was the first run of the year for me. And then a voice of wisdom informed me that a fiscal running year would make my stats look a lot better. So my fiscal running year started yesterday and i started out strong with a run on the first day, and thus far I have run every day. I know you are impressed by my commitment to the sport and to my own personal health and well-being. Go team.
I made a bow tie for a friend's child the other day. He turned 2 and a striped bow tie seemed an appropriate gift for the occasion. He wore it the next day and it made me giggle quite a bit. Am I the only person who gets a kick out of adult accessories on children? I want to make more and give them to everyone I know. I want to bring the bow-tie back hardcore. Who's with me?
I had a dream last night that i went on vacation to the beach with my husband and the ocean caved in and our beach vacation was almost ruined, until we booked a Pirates of the Caribbean Cruise with my Grandma... but we almost didn't make it on time because we had to go back and get my camera, and all the plumbing was blowing up in our condo and because I am a professional plumber (don'tchaknow) I felt inclined to fix it all and then we missed the bus but we got to the dock at exactly 7:03 pm when the cruise was leaving and waltzed into the dining room just in time for dinner with Grandma and a pirate or two.
True story.


Danielle said...

They look like California raisins even when they are your own. Just kinda cute raisins, and you are in such a hormone fog that you don't notice too much. :) I don't think they actually start looking "Gerber baby cute" until they are more like 3 months old. Don't tell my kids I said this though...
And I am SO impressed by your stellar workout achievements this fiscal year!

Valerie said...

Thanks, Danielle! :)

Miss Mixie said...

You are SO right. Let's *definitely* bring back the bow-tie. And flamboyant mustaches. Can we work on mustaches too? Would you be on board with that? XD