Friday, March 11, 2011


So I haven't blogged in a couple weeks. I keep thinking I should, and then I think that I don't have anything of significance to say (or of even less significance than normal... ha!) so I just don't. Because why waste you time, right?
I gotta be honest my life is a little ho-hum right now. So I will tell you about not so ho-hum things happening in the lives of people I know.
My best friend of 25.5 yrs had a baby girl on Monday. Her first. It's weird. She's a mom now, which means she's old. Her child has squishy fat cheeks, which I love. I prefer fat babies. Rubber band wrists are my favorite. You know what I am talking about? When the arm and hands are so pudgy there is just a crease where the wrist should be-- kinda like if you had put a rubber band around it? I love that. However, it's only endearing until you are about 3.
My parents and my boss are in Israel (not together) this week. Random that they would be taking the same trip at the same time but not together. Anyway, my Dad called me from Tel Aviv this morning to tell me they got there safely. I think he did that because even though I am 25 yrs old and don't live with them, they always expect me to call them to tell them when i have arrived somewhere like I did when I was in HS. They are very frustrated that i don't instinctually do this. So anyway, he called me to tell me they were in Tel Aviv and made it there safely. Um, okay, thanks.
My BF who lives in IL lost her job last week. Not good news, I know. But I am trying to convince her of all the job opportunities here is exciting Kansas City! She's not buying it, but it was worth a try. If I could convince her to live closer to me that would be fantastic as I need more childless friends. (why do so many people have kids?!?! it's weird.)
Also, this same friend has recently gone gluten free, and apparently it's been a life-changing experience for her-- in many ways. And she has not convinced me to go gluten free yet (could you imagine me GF? And Z? He might just perish), but it has pushed me to look at some healthier food options. Or at least think about the things I am cramming in my face...
And not to make light of a natural disaster, because I am certain the disaster in Japan is on everyone's mind right now, but I did just have a co-worker come in and report to me (in complete seriousness) what people don't understand about this disaster is that Japan is an island, and there wasn't really a tsunami, what really happened was '...the whole island of Japan sunk." Um, okay. I think some of that information may possibly be flawed, and given the sensationalist quality of it i wondered if he had heard it from Katie Horner. heh.
Even if the island did not sink to the bottom of the ocean as my uninformed co-worker suggested, the devastation in Japan is real and lives have been lost, which is a true tragedy. It makes me think of how fleeting and chaotic life can be. We are not guaranteed tomorrow-- or our next breath.
On Ash Wednesday, just a couple days ago, Z and I were talking about that... and how so many things in this life are fleeting and not worth the energy we put in them, they do not last. Instead we are using this Lenten season to turn our thoughts and energy toward things that do matter, things that are eternal.
Regardless, I pray daily for the safety and well being of my family and friends. And today I am also praying for all the people affected by this tragedy.

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ztoamom said...

I just stumbled on your blog and I really like how you write. Plus also my son is a Z and his wife sounds a little like you - and I am enchanted by your sense of humor. And your baby/raisin analogy. :) Click my blog so you'll know I'm just a regular mom and not a stalker, but I did bookmark you and plan to check back.