Monday, March 28, 2011

Couple Creepers

Well, we have officially become that couple.
Newly and happily married but severely lacking in the 'couple friends' area? All of our friends are either single or have a kid or two in tow. And it's not that we are anti-kid, kids just make things more difficult. (I mean-- not your kid. Your kid is of course perfect and angelic and never difficult, just other people's kids. That's what I meant. Your kid is fine, I'm sure.) Soooo... we are kinda in need of couples to socialize with.
Because we acknowledge the importance and benefits of social interaction with our peers. And (lets not lie when it's just us) sometimes we get sick of hanging out with just each other all the time.
So we are constantly on the lookout for new couples we could be friends with. I wouldn't go so far as to say we have been 'shopping' for couples... but I won't deny that once or twice I have struck up a conversation with attractive strangers just to see if they might me a good 'fit' for us. I also may have been so overzealous about meeting new neighbors that our current neighbor is terrified to make eye contact.
I know.
This Sunday we attended a church and met some new people. I don't even have to tell you that my eyes were sparkling at this golden opportunity to find new couples we could befriend. Z was pumped up too. We discussed previously how important this could be. We were on our A game. I wore my power heels and Z even shaved. We're a happy, attractive young couple on a mission.
And... while it's too soon to tell for sure how successful we were, we feel optimistic and spent the afternoon discussing the prospects and trying to decide how we could woo them into a mutually beneficial 'couple friendship'. And before you think that we are complete creepers forcing our unwelcome advances on unsuspecting nice people... let me inform you that we did have at least one couple approach us. Yup thats right.
But don't you see? In all our enthusiasm for friendship-- not at all an indecent pursuit-- we have become that couple. We are couple creepers. And we don't actually MEAN to be creepers about it. We just really want friends. And maybe occasionally we get a little intense about it-- but I swear we are actually really nice, decent people. I mean, Z does talk about FedEx and dogs too often, and I can be a bit of an overzealous foodie... but for the most part we are really actually mostly normal and not at all creepy once you get to know us.


ztoamom said...

It IS hard to find young married childless friends. Man, I wish you lived just a teensy bit closer to KC - you could be friends with my daughter and her husband (and then I could know you, too.)
Just peeked at your other crafty blog today - you sew!!! love it.

Donnie Miller said...

Friends going through the same stage in life as yourself are so important and I hope you guys can connect, wherever that may be.

FruitFly said...

You are so funny! And I'm pretty sure I saw something like this on How I Met Your Mother once, which makes it even funnier to me!

Good luck with your couple hunt!