Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Losing ground

Nike FreeRun+ 2
Only the most amazing running shoe I have ever put my foot in.

Coming back from our vacation in CO I was excited about what a week of training at high altitude could do for my run in flat Kansas. It was definitely a challenge working out in in the high altitude... whoo oxygen! And nothing was flat... running up and down hills mountains was no easy task, but I felt good about putting in the work out there, and what that would mean when we got home...
Cue the sad trombone... WOP WOP.
I missed my (5 mile) long run the sunday we returned because of poor scheduling with my husband... but i was going to count my losses (I had only missed one day, that can't completely throw a training plan, right?) and hit it hard the next week. I got in my normal tuesday run, and was feeling pretty good... and then disaster hit.
Disaster in the form of a very sick 8 month old. Who then shared his sick with mama. And it knocked me on my butt for a few days. So I missed my normal training run, my long run, and did no cross training all week.
I attempted to get out one day for a run but only made it about a half mile before a coughing fit, a screaming child, and a rainstorm forced me to head home. Because sitting on the couch had me gasping for breath through restricted airways, my husband suggested I just take a few days off until I was healthier.
Fast forward to today... where I decided I was healthy enough to hit the road.
Oh crap.
It's amazing how much I lost in a week. Also not idealy the week I lost was the one where mileage starts to pick up... urgh. I was biting it hard on an easy three mile run this morning and trying to swallow and choke back the last remnants of this cough/cold that tore me up. How frustrating! I feel like I have lost a lot of ground that I have to make up now... and I wasn't feeling all that confident about my running at this point anyway.
Plus also vacation+sick week+birthdays= I gained back all three of those pounds that I shed so slowly doing my running. So frustrating!
Z says I am at my wall... I just need to push through it... mentally and physically I need to get past this barrier that keeps me comfy only to about 3-4 miles. It's so hard and it sucks and I am tired of setbacks and excuses and I am trying to push through... but dang it, it sucks right now.

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