Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mama Confessions #8

I'm pretty sure my kid hates me.
He's fine when other people are around, but as soon as grandma and grandpa leave, or daddy goes to work-- he screams inconsolably.
I chocked it up to teething or a wonky nap schedule the first couple of days, but it has become a very consistent pattern of happy and content around everyone (the kid doesn't know about stranger danger) and wailing miserably when left alone with Mama.
I'm a nice person. Really. I am trying very hard to be accommodating to your needs, and comforting to your fears... and patient and loving even though I am tired and heartbroken.
But all I get is anger and tears and gnashing of teeth.
Well, there would be gnashing of teeth if there were more teeth to gnash.
I am still holding out hope though, that this might all have something to do with the aquisition of teeth and not as much with an innate hatred for a small one's maternal parental unit.
Sigh. Tough break.
I tell you what.

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Danielle said...

Again, I'm sure you are WAAAY beyond this, but Ethan screamed all the time with me at this age, too. :) I think he was just bored...the next 2 were so entertained by their siblings that they were much happier... except during big sibling naptime, when they got grumpy with just boring ol' mom again. :)