Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I love my job.

Today was a weird day. The system of logging tickets that we have been doing for the past year is all of a sudden completely wrong today. Jim says he never told me to enter things that way (he did) and that he was not a part of the conversation where that decision was made (he was the instigator). So i am supposed to do things completely different... but thus far everyone has been so upset about the old incorrect way i have been doing things that no one has bothered to tell me the correct way to do it. I tried to ask... and just more drama and frustration over the old way. So i am kind of sitting here with a pile of work to do, and no idea how they want me to do it differently... and i am just twiddling my thumbs til they can get over the drama and explain to me how things should go.
I love my job.
OH also... I got in trouble today becuase I have been texting more than my allotted share (my work provides me with a cell phone, also for personal use-- it's cool to not have a cell phone bill, but sucks that they have access to me 24 hrs a day-- and take advantage of it... but i can't complain, becuase i don't have a cell phone bill, but it sucks that they get to decide how and how much I get to use it... But I don't have a cell phone bil... sooooo... anyway) they noticed that my texting has picked up significantly since august... I wonder what that trend might represent? Jim thinks it has something to do with Lance. Jim's solution: "Give your boyfriend an extra kiss on the cheek at night and try to control yourselves." (Yes, he actually said that to me, which wasn't at all awkward...)
On the plus side, the UPS creeper came today and he told me my hair looks good and that I look really pretty today. Thanks, Creeper! :)
What was that, again... ? Oh yes: I LOVE MY JOB.
(maybe if i keep saying it, it will come true...?)


thepianist86 said...

on the plus side, i bet your hair really did look good!

Courtney said...

It just cracks me up that he calls him Lance. hahaha