Monday, February 9, 2009

The little picture

I don't like making year long resoloutions. They don't really make sense to me-- I can't wrap my brain around something that takes a year to accomplish. I know, that may very well be a sign of my immaturity, but so be it: Growing up is a slow process. Regardless I have learned to optimize on this weakness by tricking myself into achieving year-long (big picture) goals by setting week-long (little-picture) stepping stone goals.
Goal: Get in shape became... I'm going to see if I can 'work out' for 30 seconds every day this week. So I drop and do ten pushups. It was hard the first few days, and has gotten a little easier. Are you jealous of my fit and ripped physique yet? No. But next week, I will add sit ups. Becuase as it turns out, 30 seconds of pushups isn't so bad, and proved to myself that I could do it.
Goal: Alter entire wardrobe to fit new (we'll call it 'curvier') shape.... became mend one pair of pants a week. Currently, I have three pairs of pants that I can wear again... and it's barely a dent in my absurd amount of clothes, but it's three more pairs of pants than I was wearing before...
Goal: Train dog not to attack... became Winston needs a walk at least 5 days a week. Even if it's just 10 minutes, we get out there and walk, he burns off steam and energy, and BONUS so do I. He is much more focused and happier to listen to me when he gets to burn off that energy, and I think I am more patient as well. He is still a brat, but hasn't bitten anyone for over a week, success! YEAH!
Goal: Find a new job... became get one application/interveiw/resume sent a week. Do I have a new job yet? Nope. Am I closer? Eh...? Do I feel more confident and prepared for when the interveiws and offers start coming in... OH, yes!
Thus far my little-picture goals are moving me steadily toward the big picture goals I try to set, and thats awesome. I think when I try to look at the big picture I get overwhelmed, but breaking it down has brought small successes as well as self-confidence, and so hopefully by the time december 31, 2009 rolls around i won't be thinking what a worthless bum I am because I never got around to tackling my lofty goals... but I'll be thinking, oh yeah, that was easy. I am so badass. ;)
This weeks little picture goal addition: Don't be so messy is playing out like this: Everything i put into my car this week, leaves the car with me when I get out... is there a less messy car in Valerie's future??? Stay tuned!!!

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