Monday, March 2, 2009

Just one more reason...

So I am taking a break from some online shopping to blog for a bit. I know what your thinking-- Internet shopping, how wonderful! Right? But no. This is not the fun kind. this is the evil kind... shopping from a registry.
I kid you not, I have purchased no less than four wedding and baby gifts in just the last month alone. I don't really know what is going on-- but people gotta stop getting married and popping out the kids, because as it turns out, being friends with these kind of people is an expensive habit.
I don't think my sanity can handle the registries anyhow... oh, the registries. I don't know if I missed the gift registries portion of "Grown up friendships 101" but I am lost when it comes to those things. They are written in an indecipherable code i can't understand... and so I walk through the store shuffling 14 pages of the specific diapers or table linens the couple desires while other shoppers look on with sympathy and amusement at the unmarried, childless, 23 yr old bravely fumbling through the foreign territory of... the baby section. (It even smells like babies there... I can't take it for too long.)
And really shopping online isn't much better, because you can never beat those enthusiastic shoppers who understand the code language of registries and snatch up every gift in your price range... and so then you are piecing together awkward gifts... (Okay, I'll get them... a spatula, these shower curtain hooks... and... When Harry met Sally? Really? People register for DVD's???)
Really the whole process is enough to drive someone nuts. The only solace I have is that I too will someday put others through this same torture. In fact, I am very much looking forward to getting married and having babies so i can obligate friends and family and people who don't really know or like me all that well to buy me stuff. Rest assured I will fill my registry with confusingly similar and awkward items so you can curse me the whole time. Haha. Vindication!Yeah, that's a pretty good reason to get married. Not the only reason. But it's today's reason.

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