Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The IRS just isn't worth it.

I'm a procrastinator. And a panicker. And when I procrastinate and things go wrong at the last minute I panic BIG TIME. Which brings us to 'tax season' which is just code for 'big breakdown waiting to happen'... because lets just be honest when you wait til the last two days to do your taxes, things are not going to be where you filed them, your numbers aren't going to make sense, and your bank is going to charge you $20 to print the statement you lost from last year. (yeah, they did, that was kind of crappy of them , wasn't it?)
So I was preparing my taxes, poised and ready for the breakdown... and there it was, (or wasn't as the case may be--) the necessary missing and unattainable document that would send me in my panicking downward spiral to IRS failure, death and doom. Ready to forsake all hope, and cry like a little girl over my lack of ability to get my taxes done correctly and on time... I did the only logical thing anyone in my situation would, I called a friend to whine about how much i hate taxes. After a good 15 minutes of cursing taxes, and cataloguing all the evils involved with filing them, my good friend sympathetically agreed, "The IRS just isn't worth it."
And she's right, you know. Probably not worth my drama and panicking and tears and hatred. The IRS doesn't know. They don't care. I would have thrown in the towel right then and there and just said "SCREW YOU, IRS!!!" But I was afraid that they might hunt me down and kidnap my dog for ransom if I didn't pay (which i inevitably always have to do...)
So I pulled myself together and grumpily worked my way through the rest of my tax preparations, and filed my taxes the next day.
As it turns out, the IRS is worth it-- because for once, they owed me money, instead of the other way around. HA! I feel strangely vindicated this side of filing my taxes. And I did it with hours--nay, DAYS!-- to spare. I'm pretty much a tax genius.

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