Monday, April 20, 2009

Random List

I thought it was time for more random thoughts of a valerie, and you all know how I love a good list... so here we are, a list of nothing in particular, in no particular order:
1) My job gets a bad rap, so I feel it is time I said something positive about it: Working with two mom's who bring their children to work every day has been EXCELLENT birth control. Now then, see what a nice place it is to work? I am sure your perception has changed greatly. Okay, I feel better.
2) I was really excited about these little no-show socks for wearing with ballet flats. They are kind of not effective. well, I guess they funtion as socks, but the definitely show and look silly. I think I have discovered the flaw: They are 'one size fits all', right? So I am thinking if i had a size 11 ft as opposed to a siz 6 ft, they would stetch out more, and thus not show. I have never before wished for larger feet and I am not going to start now, so i guess I must be wishing for smaller socks, becuase the concept it amazing, even if the execution leaves something to be desired.
3) I do not know what Twitter is, nor do I understand how it works or why it is necessary.
4) I believe I have been asked at least once a day every day since December if I am engaged yet. Nope. Not yet. The next question is always... when's it going to happen? Um... how am I supposed to know? And If I did know... why would I dilvulge the info to a curious acquaintance while keeping it a secret from everyone else? Silly people! Stop asking!!! It will happen soon enough... and as soon as the info goes public, I am sure you will know-- because Judy Sass can barely contain her excitement as it is, and given the chance she can spread juicy information faster than old ladies at a prayer meeting, It's truly amazing.
5) My favorite pair of earrings don't actually belong to me. They are a pair of earrings I bought for my mom on a whim one day becuase I thought she would like them. As it turns out, she did, quite a bit, as do I. And so the earrings travel between us-- me sometimes stealing them for months at a time before she spies them dangling from my lobes or in my jewelry box, and reclaims them. Right now they are in my posession! Shhh...
6) I applied to be a public notary for my work... which kinda makes me feel as though I should have poofy blue hair and thick glasses with one of those pearl chains to keep them around my neck... because every notary I have ever known was about 400 years old. Turns out the age requirement is 18. Who knew?

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