Monday, April 13, 2009

WANTED: Roommates... maybe

Roommates are some of the most frustratingly elusive people in the whole world. And here's the catch... when you want/need a roommate-- (someone to share the rent?) there are none to be found. But when you have had a long crappy day, and don't necessarily want anyone around you... there they are on your couch with their boyfriend and a saliva heavy display of their undying love for each other. I get it, couple time is fun, but there is a reason (i think) that you pay rent... go mack in the privacy of your own room.
Unfortunately, the more I look for a place I could live on my own, the more I discover I really REALLY cannot afford to live on my own... which means roommates come down to that age old conundrum: Can't live with them, and can't really live without them either.

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