Friday, July 24, 2009


Overall, not a bad way to spend the day. I left work early for an appointment that really didn't last very long at all, but opted to join my girlfriends at the pool rather than returning to work. (shhh... don't tell!) We soaked up the sun and chatted and enjoyed the cool water on rafts floating about the otherwise empty pool... then when 4:00 rolled around we headed to go workout. (And I decided tonight that working out is just that much more enjoyable when you are a little pissed off). After working out I spent the next couple hours trying to ignore my sweaty-ness while i got somethings packed at the duplex then FINALLY headed to my parents house to shower.
When I stripped off my stinky workout clothes and glanced in the mirror i was pleasantly surprised to find my tummy chest and shoulders a little pink. I turned around to examine my back and it too showed signs of being in the sun and a dramatic line across my lower back where the sun met the top of my suit. Nice. Turn on the water, hop in the shower... OH CRAP! I forgot that steamy hot showers and even slight sunburns don't mix well. Yikes.
But now I am relaxed, exercised, clean, slightly pink, and sitting around in my underpants... because who wants to put clothes on sunburnt skin? No one. And who else is living in the house I currently inhabit? No one.
Anyway, like I said... overall, not a bad day. Oooh... you know what would make it perfect? If I had a nice guy to cuddle up with for a while... I wonder where I could find one of those... anyone???


Erin said...

i think you would probably have to deal with the sting of clothes if that nice, cuddly guy were available!?!! i still have YET to get in the pool this summer! how sad is that!?!?!

Valerie said...

Yes, Erin, I would put on clothes if someone came over. haha