Friday, July 17, 2009

A week after Birdie

A week ago today was opening night of our three show run of Bye bye, Birdie. The six weeks leading up to a week ago today were pretty much insanity... which is why a week later and I am pretty sure I still havn't caught my breath. And for whatever reason I was under the impression that after the musical was over I would have some time to relax and life would 'settle down' a bit... but, um, no. Not so much. Now there is moving, and wedding, and so many other things dominating my time... How do you ever catch up? I don't know.
Regardless, I LOVE the things that happen during a show. Things like making new friends or reconnecting with old... or getting to tap into your 15 yr old self and be a little silly and 'boy-crazy'... or learning how to make something from nothing (or a leopard print robe from a scrap of fabric, as the case may be)... I think my favorite moment of a show is at the end of the curtain call when everyone just stands and waves as the curtains close. It's a really spectacular moment because all your nerves are gone but your energy is still high and you have just completed something great with all the people around you. Mmm... GREAT moment.
So now it's a week later and the cast party and veiwing the DVD is tonight and I am excited to have Bye, Bye Birdie back just for one night before we say so long to it forever... But such is the case with theatre, always moving on to whats next. Hmm... what IS next?
(pictures, in order: Me and my 'Mom', With my fav trio of girls, trying to evade Conrad's advances... and smooching my for-real boy after the show!)

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