Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So basically what happened was Groom gave his opinion when it was not asked of him, and was secretly slightly hacked when we went with Bride's much better plan. So now Bride asks Groom his opinion on something that she genuinely wants to be his preference... and Groom doesn't want to give it, he says that it doesn't matter. See, Bride just wants him to make a decision, because she has tried not to overwhelm him with menial decisions on wedding details and mistakingly asks, How many times have I asked your opinion? Can you just help me oout this once? In response groom brings up previously mentioned circumstance... Bride decided not to point out that his opinion was not actually asked then, but rather apologized that he felt he had not been heard, and sighed as she relented to making yet another decision with little help from Groom. She hopes he likes chocolate cake.

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Erin said...

Ask his mother to make sure he will eat chocolate cake. :)