Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This week's to do list

(I will update and mark off as I complete them!)

1) Complete and send in taxes (yes, i know, i'm behind, cutting it close, blah, whatever.)
Call Hotel to confirm wedding reservation---- DONE! In one phone call, for all Z's drama over it, they were super nice and easy to work with for me, go figure!
3) Complete and send out shower invites for April's Shower--DONE! and in the mail... finally! Those took a lot longer than I thought they would!
4) Write and send thank yous for my shower
5) Paint letters and candles (for wedding decor)
Make eye appointment----DONE! They didn't have an appointment open the a.m. of the 26th of April, but they worked me in becuase they love me, and it's been like... 5 years since I have been to coralville. :)
7) Find new easter/shower dress
8) Create new recipe for Z and I Saturday night dinner. Hmmmm...
9) Laundry
Find undergarments for wedding dress (sigh, stupid complicated dress.)----DONE! Geez, that should not have been as complicated as it was!
11) Purchase zipper and finish Flower Girl Dress
----HALF DONE I purchased the zipper... will work on the dress this weekend probably.
12) Clean out my car

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