Thursday, April 15, 2010

"I asked, 'God, How can there be a way out of this situation?' and he said, 'I am God, I make a way, I AM the way,' So I asked, and he is providing the resources and the blessings I couldn't. He prepared me, and prepared the way for this situation even before I knew it." --E

I was having a conversation with my friend E this morning. She is an amazingly kind, giving, servant. She doesn't have much herself, but everything she has she gives to help other people. She is currently trying to help a young, pregnant mother get back on her feet after being kicked out of her home. We were trying to round up toiletries, clothes, and other essentials just to get her by for now... and as we were trying to get these things together also have had offers or donations of maternity clothes and shoes, baby clothes, bedding, kitchen appliances, and a crib and a swing for the coming baby.
I am the kind of person who easily gets caught up in day-to-day tasks. I operate on a 'Okay, whats next' basis, and so it is easy for me to believe that the things I accomplish, I do in my own power. However, I cannot deny the obvious 'coincidences' in this situation, that all the right people with all the right resources, experiences, and 'things' at thier disposal are right in this young woman's path to help her out. This situation is obviously one that God has been preparing the way for, even before we knew it.
Talking with E on the phone this morning was a good reminder for me. She pointed out, this isn't about what we do, but about what God has already done. Because he has loved and blessed us in our situation with resources, possessions, and healthy able bodies... we are able to use what we have to love on someone else who really needs it right now. It's not something we could accomplish on our own, but only with God preparing and providing the way... :)

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