Monday, April 5, 2010

Making time

Oh. Em. Gee. Life is hectic right now. We are getting down to the last 6 weeks of wedding planning. Zachary and I are trying to get our house clean and organized and ready for couple-ness. I am planning a Bridal shower for my friend. And I think every weekend between now and Memorial Day is already completely, intirely, and fully booked. And goodness, our busy-ness is created by all inherently GOOD things, fun things, happy things... but even still it is taking it's toll. We are exhausted. Could we possibly find time for one more thing?
We did. We decided to move some things around and make time for one more date night with some good friends that will soon be leaving the country for a while. (sad sigh) I am so glad we did. I didn't feel like I had the time or energy to do it, but Z convinced me we really needed to... and did we ever. There is nothing to renew your spirit like sitting around the kitchen table after a good meal with friends, drinking coffee, telling stories, and laughing 'til your tummy hurts.
I need to learn not to be too busy for important times like that.
Thank you to our wonderful friends, and thank you Z for a wonderful evening... lets make many more!

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