Monday, April 19, 2010

The Sex Candle

We are getting ever closer to the wedding date, and there are various wedding details we are working tirelessly to get in place. Took care of a few the other day when I went shopping with my mom.
Well, we picked up Z's wedding band and then did some shopping for--ahem-- wedding night attire. I thought it was going to be kinda awkward... but it was actually much MUCH less awkward than I ever dreamed it would be. We picked out pretty stuff. We giggled at how expensive the dang garment is when you consider the probable length of time it will actually be worn. We had fun. I was a little surprised-- pleasantly though.
After that we walked to the other side of the mall and mom suggested we stop in the candle store... she was picking out some candles and scented oils for her oil burner, and talked me into doing the same. I was kinda excited about my cool little oil burner candle thing on the way home mentioned that I wanted to get home and try it out. My mom was like... oh, don't you want to save it for your wedding night?
Uh, what?
Apparently I had missed the significance of the candle purchase that day. Here's Judy Sass having a special mom/daughter moment where she is helping her daughter create a mood for her wedding night... and all along I just thought we were candle shopping. No wonder she looked at me like I was crazy when I said I really wanted to get the luminaries shaped like pineapples (symbol of friendship and hospitality?)! (they were, by the way, super cool).
So my mom talked me into buying a sex candle... and I didn't even know it. All that being said, I was not specifically opposed to having a sex candle... until I walked into my parents bedroom yesterday and noticed a strinkingly similar candle/oil burner thing sitting on their dresser. And then I was like... ew. I am not sure how I feel about having matching sex candles with my parents. Mostly because I choose to believe (and don't try to tell me anything different) that my parents only made use of their candle two times, and about 25 years ago.
So there you have it. I guess thats just another few things to cross off the list(and some of them, I didn't even know were on the list!): Wedding bands, check. Wedding night attire, check. Sex Candle, Check.

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