Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Perfect Day: Part III

Details I don't want to forget:
--Text message from Z at 10:00 when he woke up: We are getting married today... I love you.
--I couldn't get over gorgeous my friends and Mamas are as they were getting hair and makeup done... each of them just stunning. It was so fun.
--When I saw Z during the 'first look' he kissed me-- without stopping to figure out how fresh my lip color was and if it would get all over him. (first time ever!)
--Z shaking his head at me because I was sitting on the split rail fence eating up my photo shoot when he brought the car around. Both he and the photographer made me agree if my mom got mad about the ruined dress i had to tell her it was my idea to climb the fence.
--Standing in the bathroom at the church scrubbing my muddy shoes, while B scrubbed my muddy dress, J was drying it with a hair dryer, and A was trying to get me to eat a sandwhich.
--Joel patiently held my dress while my mom ran the steamer over it to remove wrinkles just minutes before the wedding started.
--Pinning flowers on my parents was a small quiet moment that I loved.
--Donnie was a tiny bit emotional and having a hard time reading his book becuase of the lighting... substituted the word 'sadness' for 'sacredness' and everyone was cracking up. It was an icebreaker for sure-- our wedding ceased to be proper and stuffy right then and there.
--When the best man pulled his ring 'stunt' as soon as Z saw the empty box he turned to me and said-- "I didn't know about this!" and he was so genuinely surprised and tickled by the whole thing I knew he was telling the truth. I couldn't really be mad at them... it was funny.
--There were no lights on during the ceremony, just natural light from the windows and candles, so it was a little dark in there until donnie was giving the benediction. When he said 'may his face radiate with joy' sunlight came BURSTING through the front window of the church right on us. And I just thought to myself: "This is the coolest day of my life." I swear I didn't make it up either-- I have picture proof. This was my favorite moment of the day.
--I love that the dance floor was most full during the Father/daughter and mother/son dance time. It was sweet to see so many people taking advantage of the oppurtunity to dance with their parent or child!
--When we walked into our house that evening... it was PRISTINE. I had never seen that place so clean and so beautiful. My mom's friend cleaned it as a wedding gift and it was the most wonderful gift anyone could ask for. We just stood for several moments in the door way in awe.
--I just remember laughing a lot that day. At nothing in particular. I laughed because I was happy and light-hearted. I was having fun. All day. It is the most fun, relaxed, happy day I can ever remember having. And I laughed all day long!

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Erin said...

ng here with tears in my eyes reading your posts. The baptism thing is really cool, and I always love wedding s for this same reason. It reconnects me to our vows and to the reasons why I got married in the first place.