Monday, September 27, 2010

100 DC Update #4

Technically this should be update #5, but I skipped last week, becuase... I don't know, I didn't feel like it.

P90X: We had a rough week this week. I was a little sick. We had some scheduling conflicts. Z had a lot of schoolwork. We missed a couple of workouts. As per the intructions of the program, if you mess a week up, you have to repeat it. Thus, we should be on week #4 Recovery week now... but instead we will be repeating week #3. So P90X will be P97X for Mr. and Mrs. P. Lets hope... we don't mess up again and have to extend that again. sigh.

This week I learned:
How to play Stratego.
You can change the position of your needle when sewing to change the width of a hem (HA! Shortcut!).
How to sew a button hole using a different foot on my sewing machine.
How to use photoshop to shrink the size of a pic to something more appropriate for emailing and posting on the web.
Being a good friend is less about what you say and do, and more about showing up and just being there.
This week I tried:
A new recipe... kind of created my own, and made a phenominal fall Apple and Banana nut Bread!
Making 'hoodies' for my dogs (created my own pattern, and made a tutorial that I posted on my other blog)
****Not all learning experiences end with success or go as smoothly as planned. With all of the interesting things I learned sewing this week, I also sewed right through my finger for the first time, and may or may not have spewed out several curses when that happened. I also worked really hard on a recipe that was going to be amazing. And... it wasn't BAD, but was a TON of work for average potato soup. I will not be repeating. Sooo... you win some and lose some.

DISHES: Won a few battles this week, but the war is not over. And I strongly believe God is on my side (Ha, I said that just for my husband, who I know will just LOVE that statement), and I will be victorious! Z is helping. HERE is a story about one of the dish battles this week...  but they don't all end so pleasantly. Actually most of them end with me sighing in the middle of my dirty kitchen with a full sink of dishes taunting me.

Reduce, reuse, recylce: Pulled a pair of old sweatpants out of the trash and made THESE charming hoodies for my babies. I am giving myself extra credit for this project, because it made it's way into 2 of my 4 goals. Definitely recycling, reusing, upcycling, whatever word you wanna use. Actually, all the materials for those sweatshirts came out of my leftovers, scraps, or trash. :) I am very proud of myself. And I am dying to do it again...


Rebecca said...

I was really hoping those sweatpants you made the hoodies from would be the Nazarene nylons. I'm kind of sad now.

Valerie said...

Haha, don't worry, there is a plan for the Nazarene Nylons...

FruitFly said...

I HATE those taunting dishes! Mine are doing it right now as I type this.