Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hidden Treasure (and/or groceries)

I intentionally hide stuff from myself. I know that's a little weird...
But every spring when I am putting away the heavy coats, I slip a few bills in one of the pockets and then forget about it. Or if I have a gift card that I don't immediately have use for, I put it in the bottom of my card basket, or in my sock drawer.. and then a month or two later when i get to the bottom of that drawer... Holy cow! $25 to Walmart, I totally didn't know I had! Or an extra $10 in my pocket come fall when yes, it's unreasonably expensive, but also unreasonably uplifting to sip on a carmel apple cider from Starbucks. Thank you, Spring! You're most welcome, Fall!
Well, most recently I did that when we had a ba-zillion gift cards after our wedding, and my husband was on a spending spree i grabbed a couple... hid one in my drawer, and one in the date box and forgot about them.
This month money got tight. Z went back to school, and there is nothing like a semester at a christian school to clear out your checking account. I am kind of starting to feel like Old Mother Hubbard when I open the pantry door, and I have been wondering and wondering what we were going to do on Wednesday when the next school payment cleans us out again and we have to decide between gas for my car, or milk and bread. (which honestly... gallon of milk... gallon of gas... not a lot of difference in price there, my friends!)
Anyway... I went over to the 'date box' which has not been opened in several months (due to previously explained financial situation) because i found I little sentimental trinket I wanted to put in there... and whatever should I find shining up from the bottom of the box at me... but a brand new, never been used, $25 gift card to Walmart! (Can you see the beam of light from the sky and the little angel choir **AHHHHHH!!!** ???) It was like stumbling upon buried treasure. What a beautiful, marvelous magnificent surprise!
You will never ever guess what I'm gonna do tonight! I'm gonna go grocery shopping! Milk and bread... and even some peanut butter! YEEESS!!! (*Fist Pump*)

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FruitFly said...

I LOVE that idea! I don't know that I'd ever find "hidden treasures"again, but it is still very cool! Have fun shopping. Don't spend it all in one place. Er, wait. . . hmm... never mind! ;)