Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My job is interesting. Some days I am so busy I haven't the time to take a breath between answering the phones... some days it is so quiet and so slow that you just want to beat your head against the wall (because you are so tired of twiddling your thumbs). Yesterday was a busy day... which is somewhat foreboding, because that means today is...
Today is that second kind of day.
And I am not just being dramatic (well, maybe I am but...) because there is someone else who feels the same way! ...who has quite literally been beating their head against the wall all morning! ...well, against the window.
There is a bird outside my front window, whom I would only assume is beating his head against my window because he is bored out of his skull like I am. Of course if he keeps it up he's gonna crunch his little skull... but he is persistent! He's either gonna make it through that glass or die trying.
Okay, so maybe the bird isn't bored. Maybe he's OCD. Or stupid. But it can't feel good each time the cla-thunks! my window then thuds to the ground. Every time he gets right up and does it again about 30 seconds later.
At least the bored/OCD/stupid bird offers some entertainment (for the time being, I am sure an hour from now... I'll be over it.)

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FruitFly said...

I want to take a tip from this bird and start banging my head into my window. It might be on to something - and I could use ANYTHING to liven up my work place today!