Friday, September 10, 2010

100 DC update

plugging along. here is what this past week looked like:
1) P90X is kicking my butt. Yoga last night? HOLY CRAP. I was SO not ready for that. Z and I have been doing it every night together which has been motivational and frustrating at the same time. We only have one set of weights and very limited space in our living room... lots of running into each other and pausing to share weights and stuff. We also have no yoga mats... meaning our backs are rug-burned from that dang ab-ripper-X and yoga last night was a little yucky for the same reason. That and our rug smells real funky when you come into close contact with it for that long of a period. So on our wishlist for that *someday* when we have paid our bills and bought our groceries and realize we have money left over (HA!): Yoga Mats. Or if anyone has un-used ones they want to send out way, well thats okay with us too! :) (At this point in our life we are not above donations of any kind... but i digress) So P90X is... well... we're getting through it. Yikes.
Also, for some kind of sadistic accountability reasons, I feel inclined to share that we took 'before' pics (that I will not be posting) and measurements. I am happy to report that even my 'before' body fat percentage is at 20.3% which is an acceptable range. Interested to see how/if that will change over the course of the program.

2) This week I learned:
-how to do some new exercises/yoga... that was interesting
-what 'Monday Night Football' is. (HA! Thanks, Jemel)
-how to use some of the easier editing tools in photo-shop and publisher
-how to recover documents I thought were lost in quickbooks
-how to process jars after canning
I tried:
-making pear butter for the first time!
-making a chocolate zucchini cake (that was really fantastic, even though Z refused to eat any of it.)
-a new pasta recipe my husband did like/eat

3) I did GREAT I keeping a spotless kitchen with all the dishes done for a few days this week... but then last night the week caught up with me, and we rushed out the door to bible study, then back to yoga and i was pooped afterward... and I have a sink full of dirty dishes from last night's dinner to prove it. sigh. Oh well. Room for improvement, and tonight we can start over from scratch with a clean kitchen.

4) On Monday we had the day off for Labor Day, so we celebrated by cleaning our basement and starting P90X. Whoooo... blah. The Basement, though not complete, is in MUCH better shape. It is now my job to free-cycle away all the things we are getting rid of. I might freecycle and craigslist next week, and everything else will go to goodwill. Z is ready to be done with it... I don't want to just fill up the landfill with it all though...
Also the weather has been cooler so we turn off hte air at night and open windows. I try to open blinds and curtains during the day and use natural light rather than electricity... and of course hit the light switch every time I leave a room.

Soooo... I am slowly but surely moving along through my challenges. Some days I make great headway, and the next day I'll take myself back a few steps... but I think in general it's been a positive trend, so thats a good thing. Good luck to everyone else doing the 100 DC!
81 days to go! :)

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FruitFly said...

Only 81 days left? Wow! These first 19 have flown by! I am in awe of you - doing P90X AND keeping a clean kitchen. I'm too scared to try P90X and apparently too lazy to keep a clean kitchen!