Friday, January 21, 2011

Food Rules

Me: Hey Z what do you want me to make for dinner? Beef stew or chicken parm?
Z: Well... which do you want to make?
Me: I don't care, I have the stuff for both.
Z: [pause] Definitely beef stew.

I should have known.
I am slowly learning the 'Man Food Rules': Beef always trumps chicken. Even though there is a greater possibility of him runnning into vegetables with the stew... beef still trumps chicken. Beef trumps any other meat. The only exception to this rule is Bacon. Bacon trumps any food at any time on any day, no questions asked.
Gentleman? Is this correct?

Also... why is egg nog not available year-round? Ya'll know i love me some nog. DO you think if it were available year round i would love it as much? Do I love it just a little more because of it's novelty? If i had it available to me year-round would it become common-place and less exhilaratingly decadent??? I cannot know for sure. I wish it were Christmas again... I am having nog withdrawal.


Rebecca said...

Yeah, but don't you remember when we were broke college kids and we couldn't afford beef (other than the ground variety on occasion) and my mom would make us a pot roast or whatever when we were home for the weekend and it was like the GREATEST THING EVER? We would walk into the house and smell MEAT and start talking about iron and B12. Don't blame the hub's gender, that rule clearly also applies to poorly nourished college students. I will however, allow you the bacon rule.

Levi and Danielle Plus Two said...

Oh, this is so true. When I had only read the first few lines, I thought to myself, "But what about bacon? Doesn't bacon trump all?" I shouldn't have doubted you. And it seems that sausage wrapped in bacon trumps bacon by itself. :)

thepianist86 said...

chicken trumps beef for me. always. but bacon is definitely the end all be all of perfect meats.

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Ooh, I love egg nog too. Year round is a great idea.