Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good News/Bad News

The good news is Z is on vacation alllllll week.
The bad news is Valerie is not.

The good news is it's snowing and all the schools have another snow day!
The bad news is-- plumbers don't get snow days.

The good news is the CR-V was running smooth as silk... no bumping or shaking or loud scary noises anymore!
The bad news is, it took us $800 to get it there.

The good news is we had the money to repair/maintain one of our vehicles.
The bad news is the other one still needs tires.

The good news is we didn't find ourselves stranded in the boonies of MO, at the mercy of a creepy tow truck driver we didn't know, while our vacation time and budget slowly slipped out of our hands.
The bad news is, Z found himself stranded on the side of the interstate on after dropping me off for work... and our vacation may now be delayed.

The good news is-- it's not the transmission! It's the right cv-shaft that was most likely knocked out of place during the repairs to the left cv-shaft we had done yesterday.
The bad news is it's there is really no way to prove to NTB that the current damage to our vehicle was due to their faulty work yesterday... so we have another repair bill AND a tow bill to deal with.
The good news is... no one was hurt, and everything will be taken care of, and because we are averagely responsible with our resources this vehicle episode is not going to put us in debt. But I'm pretty sure it also won't have us turning down a free meal for the next month or so until our bank account can recover a bit. HA!

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